. . .and David sat before the Lord

David was one unique man, full of gratitude, very expressive and ready to spend and be spent in appreciation of God’s mercy in his life. God sent Nathan to David on his intention to further prosper his household whilst reminding him of his humble beginning; the sheepcote (‭‭2 Sam.7:8‬, 18)

His response was quite instructive. David went all out before the Lord and in deep contemplation recounted the sure mercies of God, recognizing the good hand of the Lord upon him in his journey of life. He profusely blessed the Lord, worshiping him as the great and sovereign Lord over the affairs of men.

Beloved, this great God has taken us from the beginning of this great year and season, bore us on the eagle’s wing and when necessary shielded us under the shadow of his wings to come to this day. He has answered our endless list of prayer requests as we navigate the season. In reflection, you may recognize that you have been healed, delivered from many dangers, enthroned over your challenges, kept in the cleft of the rock whilst the raging pestilence passed over; yet the storms of the year didn’t capsize the boat of your life.

The Lord who rides the storms and the whirlwind (Nah.1:3) bore you with him making sure the thunders and waves of the season never affected you. Now you are already coasting to the shore of this glorious year and he has already assured you of safe dock at the harbour of this season. Would you want to go into his presence like king David, to sit before the Lord to express deep and profound appreciation to this great God who has done so much that is practically immeasurable and uncountable?

Oh that TODAY you will hear the voice of the Spirit and you will go into his presence to worship him in spirit and in truth in recognition of how he took you from your humble beginnings to prosper you this much. Let God be able to testify of you unashamedly that he is your God (Heb.11:16)

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