Church of the Living God

The twenty first century has witnessed barrage of Churches and many of them could easily be identified as synagogue of Satan, but who dare tell them they are? The use of sorcery and magical power to demonstrate spiritual powers has rendered many dumbfounded and perpetrators have positioned themselves unaccountable to none since “their anointing speaks for them” so to say.There is no doubt that these Churches have the form of Christ but denies the power thereof. Yes, they manifest the spirituals but the power that transforms lives is evidently absent! Close examination of such Church reveals the presence of the works of the flesh and many evil works of darkness that have been trivialized. Could this be the era of the wheat and tares as enumerated in Matthew 13:24-30 by the Lord Jesus Christ? He made one of the most disturbing and yet dangerous statement “leave the wheat and tares to grow together until the harvest time. . . .” I cringed every time I read this. Why leave them till the harvest, why not allow them to correct their ways before it is too late? I honestly do not have the answer!Beloved be not deceived, the Church of the living God must stand out as a shining light showing the way to our world (Mt.5:14) as against the world dictating to the Church, it must be the salt of the earth (Mt.5:13) flavouring our environment as against the contemporary crave of flavouring the Church with “worldly salts”. The Church must be the ground and pillar of the truth! (1Tim.3:15).Have we ever wondered what Apostle Paul and the cloud of witnesses (Heb.12:1) would have to say if they look back from eternity to behold the Church they hazarded their lives for?Oh that Today, you will examine your Church and examine yourself too. Is your Church a synagogue of Satan? Is your Church God or Satan driven? Are you proud of what goes on behind the ministerial curtain, can we publish it at the roof top? Is your Church broadcasting the truth?Today, if we will hear his voice loud and clear “. . . behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. (Rev. 22:12). How are we doing Church today? Are we conforming to our world or are we transforming our world? The litmus test here is evident: Transforming Churches will face persecution whilst Conforming Churches will not: Are you been persecuted for righteousness? If yes, show your stripes and its marks, then you are of the Church of the living God.Femi Olawale

Regional Pastor and Country Coordinator

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February 20, 2017