It Is Finished.

The resurrection of Christ shows the victory of God’s righteousness over death. It brought judgement to sin, and the testament that is in the blood of Jesus Christ, was fulfilled with his resurrection from death. The Son that had endured much suffering for us was rewarded with resurrection. He was begotten and seated at the right hand of God. Now, we have a high priest who can intercede for us in trials and tribulations, that we may encounter, as we stay true to our faith and walk.

His resurrection is a fulfillment of God’s will for us; the moments that lead up to the coming of Christ and his resurrection, all tell a story of a God that does not give up on his children. Despite our unfaithfulness to him, he remains ever faithful to us.

The resurrection of Christ is a gift for us all; it created a path in which man, as sinful as we are, can come to God. So, let us give thanks to God for his son who endured all things for our sake, and became sin so that we may come into his righteousness.

He Is Risen!!! Luke 24: 6-7.

“What greater gift can we be given than that of salvation?”

Happy Easter!!!

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