God wants us to thrive in our relationships. There is a purpose to be fulfilled in every relationship and union!

God is truly interested in our families and relationships. He created us to thrive in relationships. At Overcomers’ Chapel, we take this seriously. We love to equip men and women with all they need to succeed in their families and relationships. Whether you are thinking of getting married, a newly wed or struggling in your relationship, there is someone you can talk to.


At the Overcomers Chapel

We have put together a series of teachings that would equip you to invest and develop a strong foundation for a marriage that will endure the test of time


How do we begin the premarital counselling?

Please fill the premarital counselling form and contact the church office directly at


Do I have to complete this lesson series to have my wedding ceremony at Overcomers’ Chapel?

Yes. If you are interested in having your wedding ceremony at RCCG Overcomers’ Chapel or want a minister of RCCG Overcomers’ Chapel to officiate at your wedding, we require that a free premarital counselling session be completed prior to the wedding ceremony.


Is there a cost for premarital counselling?

No. It is free


Are there other things I should know?

Absolutely! Other details will be discussed personally with you once you register for the pre-marital counselling class.