Children’s Ministry

Providing a welcoming atmosphere to nurture and enrich kids in the way of the Lord.

We aim to provide a solid foundation for children that enriches them with the capacity to be good ambassadors of Christ. This is accomplished as we provide childcare session during our worship service, whilst providing a welcoming atmosphere to nurture them in the way of the Lord.

Young Adults Ministry

Our young adult ministry is for those that are in university till they are ready for marriage. The overcomers young adults  are a very important part of the church as a whole as they are the future of the church.

They have various programs throughout the year to help them grow spiritually and also to help integrate them into community.

The young adults also have campus fellowships for the various universities around the city, please see the times and days bellow.Elders Fellowship

With age comes priceless wisdom.

This is a fellowship of individuals over the age of fifty. The group fellowship, regularly exhorting one another gleaning wisdom on how to be their best even at old age.

A multi-model and multi-functional platform to reach the young adults for a purposeful future that will affect multiple generations. helps to share related information among group members, help in job search process, create a forum where career related information can be passed across as effective as possible. It is also aimed at enabling easy networking among people in similar fields and to encourage people looking to join the field.

Men of Valour

Men’s fellowship

This group facilitates interaction among married men for fellowship and to build a strong and unbreakable household. It also serves as an empowerment forum for men to be abreast of their socio-economic environment.

Kings Daughter’s

Women Fellowship

We aim to enlighten women on our responsibilities in the body of Christ and to encourage continuity in growth and discipleship. In addition, we aim to provide an enabling atmosphere for love, unity of faith and of spirit among Christian women.

Daniel’s Generation

Young Men’s Fellowship

Our mandate is to empower young men according to biblical principles, equipping them spiritually, economically, socially, and martially, so as to have unique moral attributes with commitment to excellence. We seek to empower young men to have confidence in themselves, and with the help of God to reach their goals.

Esther’s Fellowship

Young ladies Fellowship

For young vibrant ladies that love the Lord. We meet to articulate the word of God as applicable to young women of this generation. This forum provides secular educative and informative session to empower young women in financial management, health issues etc.

Divine Pioneer

The divine pioneers are a group of young professionals at The Overcomers’ Place. Our primary goal is to be invested in Godly futures, bound for success in all areas of life. Members of the group vary from graduate students to individuals already working in society.

In addition to fellowship and networking activities, the group constantly seek avenues to positively impact the church, its immediate community and the world at large. The hope is that our members will develop into well-rounded persons, dedicated to growth in their personal, spiritual and professional lives.