Horizontal & Verticle Tabs

Parameters for the Accordion [divider style=”thin” margin=”20px 0″ bordercolor=”#dddddd”] [list icon=”fa-angle-right” color=”#81d742″] Type: Select the number of tabs type( 2tabs or 3tabs ).
Title: Type the title for Tab.
Content: Type the content for Tab.
Title Color:(optional) Select the Tab title color.
Bg Color:(optional) Select the Tab background color.
Tabs Type:(optional) Select the Tab type ( horizontal or vertical ).
[/list] [divider style=”thin” margin=”20px 0″ bordercolor=”#dddddd”] [fancyheading heading=”h5″ align=”textleft”]Horizontal tabs[/fancyheading] [demo_space height=”10px”] [minitabs tabtype=”horitabs”] [/minitabs] [divider style=”thin” margin=”20px 0 20px 0″] [fancyheading heading=”h5″ align=”textleft”]Vertical tabs[/fancyheading] [demo_space height=”10px”] [minitabs tabtype=”vertabs”] [/minitabs]

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