The Everlasting Father

There are fathers and there are fathers. Some are wealthy and comfortable whilst others are poor and struggling, either way their situations are limited by their life span. None of them can make endless or a forever promise nor be there for us as long as we naturally desire them to be. This underscore the need for a father who operates after the order of endless life to provide us all the necessary paternal care both now and in eternity.God operates beyond the boundary of time, he operates with an everlasting arm (“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms:. . . . ” (Dt.33:27)),  his kingdom is everlasting in duration and his reign never comes to an end(” Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.” (Ps.145:13)), his mercy and covenant are everlasting. Consequently, the separations of believers and unbelievers will be everlasting in nature, so also will be the punishment of evil doers and every man that refuse to accept Jesus into their lifeThis years Convention will be another unique opportunity for you to renew your covenant relationship with God or broker a relationship with God. Hannah faithfully came to Shiloh (1Sam.1:3) until the year she encounter the El-Shaddai. It was almost becoming a casual visit, but God showed up!This year, the everlasting father is showing up at this Convention with an assurance to renew and broker a lasting covenants of peace, hope, joy, victory and salvation with as many as will accept his outstretched right hand of fellowship. TODAY, make this years convention a date with your maker, come to his presence and receive an everlasting touch. You will never remain the same.


Femi Olawale

Regional Pastor and Country Coordinator

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February 20, 2017